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Henry Gonzalez, or better known by his artist name GAPE ONE, is a Chicago native born and bred on the Southside. He has been an artist all of his life and transitioned to a full time artist in 2010 after spending twelve years in Corporate America working as a Software Engineer in the telecom industry. Henry attained his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from IIT, yet, learned his artistic skills from the inner city streets where he grew up and continues to develop them to this day.

While being only a part-time artist in the past, Henry Gonzalez has been fortunate to have accomplished as much as he has. From winning contests and competitions, and being published in various magazines and books throughout his journey, to having had gallery shows and his art displayed in various cities, GAPE has already travelled a good part of the world and has enjoyed sharing his art in every city and at every opportunity he was presented.

Now a career tattoo artist and, fulltime visual artist in general, GAPE is excited for what his future holds. Not being bound by anything and having all his time to devote to his passions and creatifve expression, he is thrilled to watch his art soar to new heights as his love and skill for art both soar along with it.

* Resume & References available upon request.

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